Themed Props

Themed props from 3D Foam Carving and Fabrication are guaranteed to give an event or production “that special something.” Whether it’s time period décor, everyday tables and chairs, or a pirate ship, we’ve got 30 years of inventory at our clients’ disposal. Our inventory is changing all the time, but if we don’t have what is needed, we know where to procure it or we can fabricate it using our 3D printer technology. Our team is spearheaded by professional art directors with over 30 years of experience. We deliver, design, setup, take down, and handle all the technical details.

Movie and Film Props

Our movie props have been featured in major motion pictures like “Last of the Mohicans,” “Bad Boys,” and “Into the Blue.” We’ve served as prop masters for “America’s Most Wanted,” “Graceland,” “Step Up Revolution,” and “Miami Vice.” Sometimes the prop makes the movie. What would “Castaway” be without “Wilson,” the beachball? Or “Star Wars” without light sabers? Or “A Christmas Story” without the leg lamp? If we don’t have that “one special thing” already in stock, we have a 3D printer and foam fabrication center that allows us to make any dream a reality.

Stage Props

Whether you’re in theatre, music, or an independent entertainer, stage props can leave audiences in awe. Our time period props and backdrops are hot ticket items for live shows. We also have lighted make-up mirrors and neon “stage” signs. Knights in armor, fake alligators, staircases, street signs, tiki bars, genie lamps, jail cells, presidential podiums, and pirates chests – there’s no limit to what one may find in our vast warehouse of themed props for every occasion. Wardrobe items like wet suits, lab coats, firefighter boots, gas masks, camo, and cowboy hats are among our inventory.

Corporate Event Signage

A theme makes everything more fun! Corporate events, nonprofit fundraisers, sports celebrations, and organizational affairs all require the right event props to make the themed party a smashing success. We provide not only the props, but Hollywood caliber art design, set building, and manpower, so our clients can sit back and take it easy, while we make the magic happen. With more than 30 years in the business, our art directors have won a Clio Award and two Silver Palms at the Cannes Film Festival for our work.

Party and Celebration Decorations

Couples are increasingly looking for ways to make their themed weddings memorable and over-the-top. Having the right themed props can add so much aesthetic. We’ve done props for the photo booth, table centerpieces, decked-out backdrops and archways, and custom lounge areas. Custom thrones and lighted Aspen trees are among our most commonly requested items. Whatever the happy couple can dream up, we can bring to reality. In addition to weddings, we’ve been called upon for milestone birthday, anniversary, reunion, and retirement parties. Our custom-fabricated giant foam numbers are especially popular for these special parties.

3D Foam Carving & Fabrication is based in Miami, FL, but services all of the United States. Contact for details.